• Elf's Fountain of Flowers Spreads

Our private labeled spreads are home made with old-fashioned quality and taste. Only real cane sugar and natural fruit juices as sweeteners.. There is no high fructose corn sweeteners used! It’s natural and delicious!

Available in a 15 oz Jar

Avaiable Spreads

  • Apple Pie Preserves

  • Apricot Preserves

  • Blueberry Preserves

  • Black & Blue Mixed Berry Preserves

  • Black Raspberry Preserves

  • Blackberry Preserves

  • Cherry Preserves

  • Red Current Preserves

  • Damson Plum Preserves

  • Elderberry Jelly

  • Lemon Raspberry Marmalade

  • Sweet Orange Marmalade

  • Peach Preserves

  • Peach Melba Preserves

  • Pumpkin Butter

  • Quince Jelly

  • Red Raspberry Preserves

  • Strawberry Cranberry Preserves

  • Strawberry Raspberry Preserves

  • Strawberry Preserves

  • Triple Crown Preserves   

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Elf's Fountain of Flowers Spreads

  • $5.99

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